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For putting your product in front of the right audience, a robust presence on Amazon is requisite. To get the product on stage two, you need to sync different elements such as SEO and Metadata, Sponsored Product, Review Writing and Listing Optimization together. Getting an audience isn’t a big deal but getting the right yet large audience on the globe’s largest e-commerce platform Amazon.

YBerry Infotainment, the professional Amazon Service Provider in India, specializes in effective SEO and Metadata, Review Writing Sponsored Products and Listing Optimization services; leading your store to top search engine rankings for Amazon, for a set of strategically defined keywords.

As an Amazon Service Provider, we have the domain knowledge, expertise and all the solutions to make your Amazon store more visible which helps in maximizing the sales and lead generation by making your store search optimized both locally and globally. Our umbrella of Amazon SEO services includes the complete gamut, including website analysis, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, etc. We apply ethical and organic SEO techniques to drive more and better traffic to your store. Here are our major offerings:

Amazon SEO and Metadata services

When it comes to SEO on Amazon, content or we can say information about the product determines your ranking on Amazon taking specific and relevant keywords into consideration. The SEO for Amazon needs to be updated frequently to ensure its compatibility with trending search engine algorithms.

  • Analysis of Store Representation – First we make your products and classification easily searchable on your store. In reference to classification, labeling and composing concise content for buyers, we maintain consistent information architecture.
  • Keyword Analysis – It includes identifying the key search terms on the basis of inventory, relevance, and competition, through which shoppers search for your products. Keywords can potentially drive traffic to your site.
  • Product Content Optimization — Drafting plagiarism free content and eradicate duplicate content by using canonical tag points, defining the breadcrumb structured data, specifying the required language and place for each page to promote your store within the search engines.
  • Product Page Titling – Product title must contain the keywords related to your product. We therefore strive on creating title tags more visually prompt with relevant keywords for magnetizing the searcher’s attention.
  • Meta Descriptions – Search Engines set Meta descriptions pop up as default description. By extracting content from your product page which it finds synchronizing with the searcher’s inquiry.
  • Metadata Management – We optimize your search result by managing Metadata and structured data that also help in improving your click-through rates. Known as rich snippets, these are optimized results that drive you to win the click in search results. Ratings, Reviews, and Pricing – We assist you in managing ratings, reviews and pricing of your product because algorithms on Amazon pick these relevant information to place your store in search results which help buyers to know more about the pricing information and to glance over how good the products ratings are.
Amazon Product Review Writing Services

Around 4 out of 5 shoppers trust product reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations. Amazon gives due significance to reviews as it gives clear idea of the product and Amazon seller’s performance to the customers. Outsourcing artistic product review writing service enables you to magnetize your target audience on your Amazon store. Partner with YBerry and avail the best services of the team of proficient review writers.

We assure to create legitimate, detailed, convincing product reviews to strengthen your customer’s trust for your brand in future as well. Our review writing services not only respond to your customers in a legitimate way but also ascertains to give and provide precise explanation and solution while managing reviews posted by your users by accepting, rejecting, and deleting bulk reviews.

We assist you in

  • Confirm absolute compliance as per Amazon Marketplace standards and policies.
  • Effectively appealing reviews about products that magnetize the focused audience to accomplish a purchase.
  • Interactive content to provoke buyers’ interest.
  • Well-structured content.
  • Content Delivery in every format like .doc, .pdf, etc. As per your choice!
  • Thorough understanding of reasons of why reviews are discarded by Amazon and
  • what formulates violations & norms for product safety.
  • Search Engine Optimized content with appropriate keyword positioning
Amazon Listing Optimization Services

Amazon is all about putting efforts to get the desired results. With millions of sellers across the platform it becomes crucial to execute operations on the platform competently with optimized listings. Since Amazon has an independent structured index, it requires doing every task in a specific predefined format.

YBerry Infotainment bestows following Listing Optimization Services to Your Store to reach at High Rank on Amazon:

  • Data for Product Listings on Amazon – Data for product listings refers to product title, product description, product images, etc. Qualitative product data stimulates customers to check out your products against the same available products on other stores.
  • Product Categorization – Wrong categorization can lead to suppressed listings, therefore we make sure that all the products are correctly placed in the Amazon catalogue with the help of Item Type Keywords.
  • Product Specification – Including product specifications such as color, size, height, dimension, etc., to your Amazon listings give clear ideas about the product to customers.
  • Image Optimization – Images are the virtual representation of your Amazon store. We make sure that your listing contains high resolution images while adhering to Amazon’s guidelines.
  • Search Term Optimization – As Amazon permits for five fields of 50 characters, we ensure that the phrases are entered in a logical manner that includes maximum relevant keywords.
  • Title Optimization – While complying with a limit of 200 characters, we write precise yet informative product titles including brand name and keywords to help buyers locate your products easily.
  • Product Descriptions – Our professional writers create engaging, unique and detailed descriptions, consisting popularly searched keywords to enhance product visibility and rank your product high on Amazon
  • Product Discoverability – To boost traffic to your listings, we support in optimizing product discoverability. The factors included in it are product content relevance, fulfillment methods, search keywords, product images, etc.
  • Product Reviews – We have a highly proficient team of professionals, who use easy and understandable language to write informative product reviews, highlighting product’s benefits.
Amazon Sponsored Products/Amazon PPC

You must be aware of Amazon Sponsored Products or we can say Amazon’s very own advertising tool. Every Amazon seller wants to multiply his/her clicks and purchases and to support it Amazon Sponsored Product is here. It is basically a Sponsorship on Amazon is a Cost per Click (CPC) program for Amazon merchants featuring product specific ads on product pages as well as in search results.

Keywords are the spirit of this PPC tool and all you have to do is bid. A seller has to put a target bid price when they start a campaign and then Amazon’s search engine with the help of this bid price places sellers’ product on the page. If you put in a higher bid than others then, sometime, you will appear first on the search engine result page. But it is complicated on Amazon, since millions of other sellers like you compete to get high bids.

YBerry’s team of proficient digital marketers has a capability to drive your Amazon Sponsored Product listings to the zenith. You can utilize Amazon PPC for following purpose:

  • Intensifies product visibility
  • Complying with Buy Box parameters
  • Boosting Buy Box traffic
  • Emphasizing on new offers
  • Unique selections Display
  • Providing exposure to offers with low session
  • Increasing discoverability for clearance items, and seasonal promotions

The three Amazon PPC models that you can avail are:

  • Amazon Sponsored Products
  • Amazon Sponsored brands
  • Amazon Product Display Ads
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We have professionals with cross industry experience who can create product listings for multiple industries ranging from apparels and accessories to electronics to luxury watches etc.

YBerry Infotainment India has been aiding numerous retailers for maintaining their Amazon store without compromising on its standard at an affordable cost. We offer flexible pricing models that would fit the client’s requirements to perfection. We are your full-service providers for Amazon Content Management, Catalogue Processing, Online Product Entry Data Entry, Online Image/Graphic Support, and Database Maintenance. We have hands-on experience of working with information from a variety of sources.

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