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SEO-SMO not only makes your website search engine friendly but also builds the strong brand reputation among the customers. And that’s exactly what you need to survive in this edge-cutting competition.

YBerry Infotainment India believes in providing value added service to our clients and bound to this our digital marketing experts and technicians assist you at every step to place your website on the first-page of the search results.

Our Digital Marketing parasol covers:
SEO-SMO Services

Our professional SEO services include the complete gamut of website SEO services including website analysis, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, etc. We apply ethical and organic SEO techniques to drive more and better traffic to your site.

Here are the glimpses of our major offerings:

  • SEO Firm Website Analysis – As part of our website SEO services, the first step is to analyze your entire website on the basis of professionally laid out criteria.
  • Keyword Analysis – Keywords can potentially drive traffic to your site. We help you with:
    1. Keyword Competition Analysis
    2. Keyword Density Analysis
    3. Keyword Prominence Analysis
  • Page Ranking Analysis – We evaluate each of your webpage to see how it fares on Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc., and also let you know how it has performed in the recent past and what can be done now.
  • Checking Meta Tags, HTML Codes and Broken Links – Meta tags, proper HTML codes and well-connected links are vital for a positive conversion ratio to a site. Nothing is more repulsive than badly displayed web pages and broken links. our SEO experts quickly identify such mistakes and ensure that your site is listed on search engines.
  • Evaluation of Website Content – Unique and content on a website ensures decent ranking on search engines. To this end, we conduct:
    1. On-site Content Analysis uniqueness
    2. Content-Keyword Density Analysis
    3. Analysis of Meta Title and Description
  • Audit URLs – Short and the most obvious URL is the best URL. If a user is able to identify the content of a page with its URL then you’ve done a great job! It is always beneficial to have keyword-rich URLs.
On-Page Optimization

On-page Optimization or On-page SEO, the term can be interchangeable. Directly optimizing the website complying with search engine’s algorithms is what needed to ensure the high rank. It is crucial to perform this on a website to gain visibility by optimizing content, improving meta-descriptions and title tags.

We majorly assist you with:

  • Title & Anchor Optimization – Descriptive enough to identify and rank your business for relevant keywords. An ideal title tag should approximately be of 60 characters.
  • Description Meta Tags Optimization – Keeping it keyword-rich and SEO oriented helps in getting some advantage in Google algorithms. However, too much keyword stuffing is also not recommended.
  • Graphic or Image Optimization – Crucial for people dealing in E-Commerce or having elaborate product catalogs. It is important to have appropriate ALT tags for a web crawler to identify the images.
  • Optimizing Site Directory Structure and Navigation – We help you develop effective strategies for building effective site structure by optimizing your site’s home page and ensure that its upload time is optimized, create properly linked sitemap and help you opt for better navigation schemes.
  • Existing Content Optimization – Optimize content that is suitable to search engines and readers by moderately populating the content with keywords and modifying the language to make it more readable.
  • Incorporate XML Sitemaps – Develop/suggest appropriate sitemaps for search engine spiders to gather information about the website.
Off Page Optimization

YBerry Infotainment’s off-page optimization techniques are designed to drive quality inbound links from relevant sites with appropriate anchor tags and keyword rich content. Our off-page optimization techniques involve Online Directory Submission and Press Release and Article Submission

We work upon:

  • Social Bookmarking on websites like Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • Posting comments, articles and initiating discussion on Social Networking Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., leading to brand awareness and reinforcement.
  • Creating and managing Blogs
  • Commenting and posting on Business Forums and Message Boards
PPC Management

Pay per click is a marketing service offered by Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing and other search engines. Through PPC advertising, you can build and drive Internet marketing campaigns. Our PPC Management Services are focused on a singular objective: Getting maximum conversions for your website and consequently maximizing your PPC ROI.

Our certified account managers through our PPC Management Services, offers:

  • Keyword Analysis – Identifying the best possible keywords your target audience might be using to find your products/services.
  • Competition Analysis- It involves thorough analysis of the online strategies of your competition.
  • Sponsored Ads – To give you immediate online visibility, we create strategically created sponsored ads.
  • Reporting – Contains entire statistical data about your campaign’s performance and the work carried out towards this end.
Blog Management

Blog management and commenting services offered by YBerry Infotainment builds brand awareness and serves as a direct user interaction platform that will help increase your websites ranking by tracking the pulse of your visitors through comments and feedback that they post on the blogs.

Our SEO team offers:

  • Frequently updated and Relevant content
  • Inbound links
  • Keyword rich text, content & titles
  • Customized blog management for corporate and business related blogs that strengthens business credibility
  • Genuine link building program for better blog promotion services
  • Ongoing SEO for blog marketing services so that it ranks higher in Google and other search engines.
Professional Link Building

Our link building service and Directory Submission Services include building relevant and quality backlinks to your site, in order to attract relevant traffic. The process involves identification of suitable web pages, forums and discussion groups, sending link requests, and validation of backlinks after they are developed. We choose themed links that attract relevant traffic to your site.

Our package offers:

  • Our directory submission services give relevant and thematic one way inbound links to support SEO campaigns.
  • Affordable web directory submission services will save time and energy which can be used in other marketing.
  • Our directory submission services are completely manual.
  • Drive thematic relevant traffic to your site which will convert into sale to enhance your profits.
  • The Best Link Building Services Process
  • Surveying the client’s business territory to judge prevailing competition, and visitor trends
  • Allocating relevant websites/directories with high Page Rank 3 and above, and posting several strategic links back to your site
  • Providing detailed, comprehensive reports that mention link locations, domain’s Page Rank, used keywords, date of submission, etc.
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YBerry Infotainment India believes in bestowing top-notch services to its clients at flexible pricing models that would fit the client’s requirements to perfection. Our experts are the fortune hunter for your commercial website by striving to give a new vision and dimension to your business across the virtual platform with effective SEO – SMO strategy.

Our motto:

  • Communicate – First we put communication in the motion to clear out the requirements in the beginning only.
  • Analysis – Then we move towards the analytical part where we soak our clients’ view and perspective and analyze the latest market trends for integrating both aspects to come up with new ideas.
  • Brainstorming – It requires editing of the final idea to come up with the innovative solution like never before.
  • Hands on – With the final result in hand, we sync with our clients to execute the project and consider every opinion of the client to come up with the perfect solution.

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