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YBerry India Infotainment is the industry leading technology partner. We chase innovation and strive to give the digi-vision to your idea.

Being in the market for over a decade and half YBerry can surely be trusted as an excellent software development firm. Our software developers can develop anything from basic to complex. Using well defined standards and frameworks, we deliver flexible, robust and secure solutions.

Building software isn’t enough; it should be tested again and again to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with the company’s requirements. We seamlessly integrate your business structure with software, with a team of proficient developers that not only enhance your growth velocity but also extend your technical capabilities.

Under the head of Software Development we offer:

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

With the emerging notion of “New Normal”, a business can’t be agile by managing all the verticals manually, that’s why you need ERP. Right and effective ERP software is requisite for assisting business in leading the path of growth.

YBerry is gauged with the high proficient software developers. We never hurry; first we comprehend your business’s work of nature and requirements. Once we get to know about your business our engineers integrate the latest and relevant tools and technologies for developing a perfect ERP.

From hotel management, restaurants management, tours and travels to healthcare, real estate, finance and the list goes on. We are responsible for the efficient and technical integration of software for supporting you at every stage of business processes.

Point of Sales (POS)

A point where retail is accomplished. We are moving towards digitalization so let’s take a step forward. Yberry’s POS software assists retailers in measuring scales, scanners, electronic and manual money registers, EFTPOS terminals, touch screens and some other wide assortment of equipment.

We developed software to complete the complete money trade, from track request tickets, procedure credit and check card installment to print receipts.

Our developers offer the four most accompanying features:

  • Esteem
  • Installment Processing
  • Administration Features
  • Client Care
Purchase Management Software

As the business grows, managing purchase can be quite complicated. So when you have an option to streamline it with the automated options, then why to wait. Opt for our PMS software.

YBerry’s purchase management software is customized software. We develop it after knowing your business’s potential and compatibility. The prime features of PMS software are:

  • Customizable purchase supports user-defined calculations like discount, tax, freight & miscellaneous charges which ensure exact amount getting posted on supplier ledger
  • Automate the entire inward process like PO, GIN, GRN& purchase
  • Supports Conversion based purchase like buying in “n” units & selling in “n” units
  • Adjust credit notes given by suppliers on respective purchase bills
  • Complete tracking of dead stocks or goods in short supply which lowers the capital blocked in unwanted goods.
Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

In the current scenario managing talent is a handy task for business. An organization must have HRMS service, which broadly focuses on the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of HR functions.

We focus on developing a customized HRMS service consequently, offload your HR guys from the customary various and arduous tasks. Our system will help you in the following manner:

  • Analyze all sorts of reports and check the performance of our manpower agencies, recruitment processes, etc.
  • Learn and implement new initiatives for better and smarter operations.
  • Get a centralized database with easy access, simplified search options, eliminate duplicity, scroll resumes, generate reports and do a lot more.
  • Much sophisticated and manageable recruitment process with automated features.

Our HRMS module is versatile and customized that has potential to fulfill your requirements.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

There is no need to mention how customers are the ultimate majesty of your business kingdom. Keeping them happy is your ultimate responsibility and for this what can be more beneficial than a CRM module.

From magnetizing customers to enhanced engagements by giving you potential leads, CRM plays a crucial role. It elevates your customer base while focusing on minimum costs and maximum returns. Not to forget it bestows augmented productivity inside the organization and efficient function.

Our CRM module offers you:

  • Quicker communication with your customers.
  • Better customer relationship.
  • Customized services, as per customer needs, expectations and preferences.
  • Analyze your customers / clients patterns.
  • Genrate numerous reports based upon your specified criterion.
Sales Management System

Meeting up the sales target in itself is a strenuous task so why to make it more bad by opting for a manual sales management system. Automate it YBerry’s sales management system. Our software developers develop software that assists you managing all your sales process.

We offer all in one package that can also manage customer details along with it; a software that is a must in a professional organization like yours. Here are few salient features of this module:

  • Smart options to record everything – inquiries, prices, terms, quotations and orders.
  • Complete control on order backlogs, delivery issues, return cases, etc.
  • Ability to set your key performance indicators.
  • Ability to position exclusive business metrics.
  • Elaborate reports helping accurate analysis.
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YBerry Infotainment India believes in bestowing top-notch services to its clients at flexible pricing models that would fit the client’s requirements to perfection. Our software verticals offer a complete slate of services to manage your company’s transition to doing business via the Internet.

Our motto:

  • Communicate – First we put communication in the motion to clear out the requirements in the beginning only.
  • Analysis – Then we move towards the analytical part where we soak our clients’ view and perspective and analyze the latest market trends for integrating both aspects to come up with new ideas.
  • Brainstorming – It requires editing of the final idea to come up with the innovative solution like never before.
  • Hands on – With the final result in hand, we sync with our clients to execute the project and consider every opinion of the client to come up with the perfect solution.

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